Not even the Smoking Girl was up...

Going home today, plane leaves around 6:30 and so far, it's not raining, snowing or incredibly windy so I should be good to go. The idea of waking up in my parents' house and walking across their smooth, chilly hardwood floor is what is keeping me going today. And today, so far it's been a rough one.
I woke up at 4am, wide awake and my mouth tasting like old cheese. I didn't want to wake up Courtney, so I slid out of my bed and went into the living room. Izzy, Nails' cat, was lounging on the couch and surprised to see someone else up. I cracked open a beer and started watching an episode of Da Ali G Show, the one about respeck, a word that isn't even in the dictionary anymore and included a Borat segment with two old farts at a wine tasting. It was good and as I finished the beer, I started to get tired and thought I about going back to bed.
Lying there on the couch, I noticed Izzy had started to make his way up the spiral stairs that lead up to the deck. He's started to do this from time to time, mainly because I think he enjoys the view from halfway up the stairs. But as he approached the midway point, a gust of wind knocked open the door to the deck and like a prisoner on death row who suddenly finds himself staring at an open window, Izzy booked it and ran out the door.
In only an old Bay Lines t-shirt and boxers, I ran up the stairs and made it out to the deck just as Izzy was making his way down the walkway. He looked back at me, startled, and as if he was caught and didn't know what to do next. We stared at each other and it was fucking freezing out. I turned to look across the street to see if the Smoking Girl across the street was eating breakfast naked, something Big White claims happens every morning, but even she wasn't up yet. It was now past 4:30 and the Art Museum looked amazing.
I started down the walkway and with every step, Izzy moved further away. Then he suddenly bolted and hid under the bench, then scampering back and forth in the small area between the wall and the deck. I was freezing and ran downstairs to put on pants, a jacket and some boots. I then ran back up and coming through the door, found Izzy back up on the walkway again, looking right at me. I plugged in the Christmas lights and this startled him and he ran back down to the deck.
"You goddamn son of a bitch," I said. "Izzy, it's fucking cold man. Quit being an asshole."
He then ducked down into the trenches again and I sat down, trying to figure out what to do next. My eyes hurt and my mouth now tasted like old cheese and Miller Lite. I briefly thought about sleeping right there on the deck.
But then I got an idea.
I ran back downstairs and grabbed Izzy's bag of food and laughing deviously, ran back up to the deck. Again he was standing on the walkway. I came through the doorway, shaking the bag in the air. Immediately Izzy's ears perked up and started in my direction. I moved to the door and just like that, Izzy went running in the door and down the stairs. I turned off the Christmas lights, took one more glance in the direction of the Art Museum and one in the direction of the Smoking Girl's window, and went back inside.
I didn't fall asleep until 6.

The lesson learned from this. No. There is no lesson to be learned from this. If anything, I learned that Izzy can really be an asshole sometimes. But I still love him.

Food of the day: waffles
Album of the day: Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club
Lip balm of the day: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

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