mum's the word...

mummer's parade...sat jan 6th...70 degrees and sunny. people everywhere. went for a walk, brought my camera. made the following mix...
"save me" paranoid social club
"free" 6gig
"hit the ground" psc
"bomb threat" sidecar radio
"the teeth of the ocean" loverless
"beer sells, singles fade away" dom & the loose
"prove yourself" adam flaherty's noise machine
"you were wrong" the sea captains
"chocolate" psc
"glow" pete kilpatrick band
"had to lose" ryan mccalmon
these guys apparently won something.. . "closer" tony macnaboe
this guy decided to just give up...
I did not know, that Dick Cheney was a facist...

mix continued...
"my aphrodisac" zion train
"battle of terwelliger" jose ayerve
"vulnerable" as fast as
"iron boots" rustic overtones
"tincan experiment" 6gig
"wasted youth" as fast as
"man w/out a mouth" rustic overtones
"fighter" loverless
"colors of discipline" rustic overtones
"method" 6gig
"rock & roll" sidecar radio
"lovely lonely" dom & the loose
"half knot" zion train
"daryl" rustic overtones
"king will call" dom & the loose
"tell me why the road turns" tony macnaboe & inside straight

as you can see, all of these bands included in the mix I made are or were at one time, Portland bands...bands from sunny Portland, Maine.
i tried to take away something from the mummer's parade, possibly something about finding a new home and walking away from my past, hence the mix of portland bands. i thought about how good it was to be out there. but if I thought of anything seriously, it was the following:
1.) the patriots game
2.) whiskey
3.) the wire
4.) courtney
5.) how does one become a mummer? because honestly, I think I'd be a pretty good mummer. Especially with a few wobbly pops in me.
i just went and got coffee.
i've cleaned the kitchen and the living room. i made eggs and took the trash out. i can't decide what to do next. one hour until game time.
i hate the jets.
hip hop drums tonight with drew deckah. he talks like he's going to take over the world, which is fine by me. as long as I'm home by dinner.

I like taking naps on sunny, warm afternoons...

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