Part 15: Baby, it was an amazing summer night in Philadelphia...

Phillies fans- the old ones especially, are bitter, bitter individuals.

Last season, I got in more than a few arguments with old-timers at Phillies' games. Usually it was about Pat Burrell. And it infuriated people even more when I told them that actually, I had just moved to Philly and had recently adopted the Phillies- specifically as my National League team, my second team after the Sox.

That always pissed them off. Frustration showed because they rolled their eyes like dragon tongues and they always pushed their hat back on top of their head, jutting their graying wisps of hairs out like really excited monkeys.

Really frustrated monkeys.

Monkeys that see their checks bounce and monkeys who hate ATMs because really dude, they're just bad news.

Tonight I went to the Philles/Nationals game with the Newlyweds, and despite my bold declarations to Big White in recent weeks that I was really good luck and he was incredibly bad luck, the Phillies played like old waffles. Big didn't go, so ultimately I blamed myself.

The Phillies were flat and played like they had nothing to lose, when really, they had everything to lose. They aren't in first place anymore. They are in second, a game or so behind the goddamn Mets. And watching the Phillies tonight was watching a collection of dudes playing a game for the heck of it.

Not for the hell of it.

It was disappointing, but walking onto the train- the express train, which is completely awesome- I was still happy I went. It was a nice summer night, a smooth temperature and- there is now a tambourine outside and if only it was the circus, if only it was the freight train of amazing heading straight for crazy town...Crazy of completely paid student loans...

Well that would be pretty awesome.

Pretty awesome, would be a good way to describe the Phillies game if that's how the game actually went. But the game went south, the game was a little bit of a chugging bus route, crossing it's way across the horizon. It puttered and shimmied- shaked like a bad ass dude, until then, yep...the game ended. No more at bats for the Phillies, no more chances.

No more chances to try and win the game.


Baseball is only not fun, when it makes you think about how the time to get up and make a move is getting closer and closer, and the times for you to a swing, are getting fewer and fewer.

Thanks a lot Jimmy Rollins.


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