Part 18: Muddy Dancin' Shoes Blues

Obie and Amanda got married yesterday, undeterred by the rain and accompanied by my third favorite dog, Chili.

This time I didn't feel old.

Last summer, a summer of weddings, I felt old- starting with Willy Brazil's hitching and continuing on with Party Time's Cape Cod postcard wedding and then with Bry's wedding in Dirty Jerz. It was the summer of friends getting married, old friends & college friends and it brought along with it a creeping realization that time is passing faster now. If we're not the oldest people in the world, then we might be the second. Tough to tell.

But yesterday, on Peaks, I really only felt one thing- satisfaction.

It was that feeling you get when you see something that makes complete sense, that seems right, feels right and ultimately is right. Goddamn if Obie isn't one of the finest Americans out there and seeing him tie the knot and the smile on his face that was present for the majority of the evening, made me just nod my head, pleased and happy with another buddy joining adulthood. I looked around, seeing people from high school, parents, and familiar islanders, and it seemed as if everyone was on the same page, we all seemingly agreed that this wedding was the real deal and shit if we weren't stoked monkeys to just be a part of it.

Weddings and funerals always make me think of my own, for better or worse. And thinking about marriage, specifically my wedding, really was only a distant thought yesterday. If anything, I thought that I probably wouldn't have a flower girl and probably wouldn't have an Ipod provide the music, but that was it. It wasn't about me, it wasn't about anyone else there besides good ol' Obie and Amanda and maybe that is a sign that things are in fact changing.

Or maybe it just means the humidity is keeping from taking a nap and the fact that the Sox are playing, but it's just a bunch of dudes in Sox uniforms, is forcing me to be introspective. But I don't know, dude- you take a quick step into your past and it's almost inevitable that it will get the mind churning, curdling, and chugging along.

Either way, this morning I woke up happy for Obie and without a headache.

Not a bad wedding. Congrats kids.

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