Record 1: One Day as a Lion, One Day as a Lamb

I know it's Tuesday, because on Sportscenter, they have repeatedly said that if the rain continues, the game will be resumed tomorrow, on Wednesday.

But if not for that, I'd just know that today was rainy.

First day back in Philly after the two week jaunt West and the winds are howling and it doesn't feel like baseball at all. It feels like the flu and today feels like a sick day. Went from my pj's to lounging clothes, from bed to the Korean store and now at the couch. On the agenda, nothing is pressing and there is nothing that can't be done tomorrow.

So today is Rainy Tuesday.

After this, I'm going to go through pictures from Frisco and Red Rocks.

But right now, dude- have you heard the new Kings of Leon album? I'm listening to it right now, again. For the millionth time. It's bad ass. Nothing flashy is done and nothing flashy needs to be said.

- At a used record shop by Haight/Ashbury in Frisco, I found Rooms by the Hour, by Rustic Overtones, used for 5 bucks.

- My nose is all stuffed up, largely because I worked on a dusty mountain in Colorado for four days. The wind would kick up, sending sheets of dirt and dust careening across the Bone Yard. Most of us wore sunglasses way past sunset. GTI wore his shades from start to finish.

- I saw Erik Estrada at the Marriott in Frisco. It was similar to seeing Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Marriott in Cincy.

- Ate Mexican food with Willy Brazil in the Mission then sought out this beat, hipster joint that looked like a living room decorated by speed freaks. Only two beers on tap, the bartender was playing chess and had to pause the game to serve us. Framed pictures covered almost every inch of the wall and the gaps showcased the streaming cracks that ran across the wall. Earlier in the day, Wilson met the MSI Tourism Crew- GTI, Mara, and myself at a bar on Haight. Then he led us down to the Pacific- down a road that after every turn was an even better view than the last. The beach was at the end of Golden Gate Park and was bookended by crisp mountain ranges. We went to the bar and oddly enough, it the bar that Jammer & Massie had told us to go too earlier in the week. We thought it would be impossible to find because it was by the ocean and by the park and on 19th- tough directions to follow, but as with most MSI-related adventures, directions easily enough to ramble towards and hit eventually.

- I'm a business man now. I tell this to my Dad. I tell him about how I got my laundry done at the Marriott and changed my flight to make it back to Philly for Game 5. It's how I roll now. Soon, I might even know how to tie a tie.

It's raining sideways now.

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