Part 21: But we're years away from a magenta-colored person being elected for anything...


I'm starting to lose it. My brain is so, so, so close to becoming completely useless that it's mind-numbing.


I will largely blame it on the weather, which has managed to even dampen my high spirits that I had coming off of the election. Yes, the Election- another night of rampaging youngsters running wild down Broad Street. Well politics has never excited me in a way even comparable to say, a Red Sox/Orioles game in May, but Tuesday night I felt something and it wasn't just the sleepy j's. No. It was something else, something deep down inside of me that was shooting off fireworks and jolly rangers, swigin' beers, and living large out on the high seas. Not pride, because having a black man elected President doesn't really make me proud. It makes me happy because a dude who seems to know what's up and what needs to be done was actually elected President.

The fact that he's an African American is important and justifiably so.

But the fact that he's a leader, a listener, and now, the next President of the United States is far more important to me than the color of his skin.

But if he were some weird color- like fuchsia or turquoise- well, that would be a little weird I guess.

So Obama is going to be the next President, Democrats are rocking the Senate, and if you looked at America in the right morning light Wednesday morning, you might even think that some things are about to change. That this is a new America, or at the very least, the dawn of a new America, and while it has yet to change the scent of flowers, it has sold a shitload of bumper stickers and made Oprah happier than usual.

And that is always reassuring news.

Depressing news is the weather reports for Philly this week. Every day it's been the same song- rainy, cloudy, windy. It's perhaps the most unmotivational weather to hit a small logistics' company East Coast warehouse in years. The combination of the weather and the time change and my new kick ass bed has made me want to do exactly one thing and one thing only- sleep.

So while my excitement for President Obama, the Phillies, and the proud, new owners of our piece of shit box truck has been tempered some by the weather, at least I can sleep soundly and comfortably in my brand new bed from Sleepy's...the mattress professionals.

Goodnight, America.

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