Go west and listen to Guns 'n Roses while you do...

Going to head west tomorrow- the weird part will be...well see, I have to cruise up to lovely Orange, Connecticut first to meet the Northeast dudes and grab the Burton shit. Then I turn back around and head south. Then at the edge of New York City, instead of continuing south, I'm going to bang a right, eventually hitting route 80.

And I'm taking 80 all the way to Utah.

I imagine I'll listen to Chinese Democracy quite a bit and will be interested to see what Nebraska looks like.

At night, I intend to use the hotel gym and when passing through South Bend, Indiana, I intend to try and find a great Irish bumper sticker. I intend to not settle for fast food and I intend to not get to upset if I do, as luck would have it, have to settle for fast food. There could be worse things in life.

Driving so far away from the ocean, straight into America. Maybe you've done it before, but I never have and all the cliches seem to fall into line like the ducks. I want to see Cornfields and signs on the side of the road that say, now entering Iowa. Gas stations might be different and if and when do tolls stop? I know down south, halfway through Georgia, the speed limit changes. But unlike places in the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, the speed doesn't only go down- it goes up. I'd like to see speed limit signs that change only to even numbers. But that may be pushing it.

They tell me that the snow is different, it's less icy.

I'm very interested to see this.

I want to see where the Jazz play and get a local beer in Iowa.

It's really just another day at the office. And just like most days last week, days spent in the office- the days this week will be comprised of Chinese Democracy, bottles of water, and breath mints.

I still don't know how to tie a tie. Another week, and I'm safe.

And between you and me, I just don't like Brett Favre anymore.

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