Fly like an Eagle, and dress like one too...

There's too much gel in my hair and I think I'm slouching a bit too much in my chair. But it's Wednesday,'s Tuesday. Either way, winter doldrums are currently in full swing. And I'm not even sure what doldrums actually means, but right now it means "the boring as shit time o' year." So it's the winter boring as shit time o' year and I'm feeling it. Not feeling much except used and spent. Hard to get moving in the morning.

Not easy.

Not easy to run my hands through my hair on behalf of the excessive amount of gel the dude at the barber put in my hair. But it could be frozen, cause of the cold here at the shop. It's hard to tell, hard to get moving.

Both, not easy.

Sadly, sleeping is not easy either. Even that doesn't want to work with the team. Everything is disorganized, far from illuminated. Things are slow, the clock is slow and moves it's way from start to finish at a pace that would shame a drunken snail. A snail drunk on heavy beers that sit and languish down in the pick of your stomach. Football on Sunday beers that lead to sloppy, slow moving Sunday nights and the few final episodes of season 2 of Big Love.

I love that show. It's brutally compelling. After it gets done, I want to scour the interweb for articles about the show- concerning how Mormons feel about it, how Bill Paxton feels about it, how Eagles' fans feel about it. There's not much, but I've found a few and none by self-proclaimed Eagles' fans. Eagles' fans, they're probably far too busy staring at their Dawkins' jersey and making plans for the game Sunday and making plans in whispers and while knocking on wood, for the Super Bowl.

And I think the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl, just not sure who they'll play and whether or not they will win. It's fun cheering for the Eagles and I don't think I'm a bandwagon fan. Maybe from a timeline perspective, I have all the appearances of a bandwagon fan but no dude, it's all geographical. I'm here in Philly now and it looks like I'll be here for a while. I like it here, and you know, I'll probably stay. So I want to get involved. Living in the city of pro sports team is fun and no Sea Dogs' fans, Portland doesn't count. I love being a part of Red Sox nation and I'll always favor Boston teams. But with the Phillies and the Eagles, I think it's perfectly cool to rout for both. They don't play either the Sox or the Pats on a regular basis, so it should be even steven. The Phillies won't ever replace the Sox, as the Sox affect me emotionally, but I got emotional when the Phils won the World Series.

No emotional to the extent where I wanted to break shit, but emotional enough where I was fine watching someone else break shit.

The Eagles' fan is part of community down here, a group of like-minded folks who worship the Birds and sing the fight song after every touchdown, no matter where they are. On game days. the streets of Philly are scarcely populated with folks in Birds' jerseys and completely empty when the game is on. And I like that, I want to be a part of that. Sunday I almost felt compelled to buy a Birds' jersey and dude, I'm not a Jersey person.

Really I'm just someone diggin the Birds and fightin off the doldrums.

Is it baseball season yet?

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