AquaMan to the rescue...

Michael Phelps is really only guilty of being an idiot. That's it. Maybe a separate charge of stupidity or common sense negligence. But really, he was just being an idiot.

And then to make matters worse, it looked like the District Attorney, down there in South Carolina was potentially going from an idiot (considering pressing charges) to a jackass (actually pressing charges.) Thankfully, he didn't go that far and just remained an idiot for even entertaining the thought. What a relief, really. A politician that doesn't choose to waste millions of tax payers dollars chasing down a idiot and/or jackass celebrity, looking to make a big ol' name for himself.

It's damn near refreshing.

It's not Pacifico refreshing, but definitely Miller Lite refreshing.

Been sitting back, taking a lot of this in and having one-sided conversations with the wind outside, about this bailout and the stimulus and the stimulants and the athletes, the a rods, and the aroids, and the aholes. Without going on, it is admittedly, easy to say, that yeah dude, shit is a little, shitted up right now. And while we wait to see if Obama can actually fix this and wait to see if the Republicans are launching a nuclear strike and wait to see if all of those pink slips are jokes, it should be refreshing that at least somewhere in the world, somewhere in America, somewhere in South Carolina, a person is ignoring the temptation to be a jackass, to possibly be something even beyond a jackass, and actually doing the right thing.

He was looking into the photos and he was going to charge based on those photos. Despite the fact that this witch hunt would then have to led into an eventual purging off the internet, busting anyone whose image is accompanied by contraband. Could we then maybe even bust Cypress Hill? They've been photographed with a bong, smoking from a bong, even dancing around a 50 foot bong on numerous occasions. So if you're gonna bust Phelps, buddy, why not Cypress Hill? Shit, Snoop would be a hell of a mess.

But this southern lawman stopped. Maybe he thought about how he was dangerously close to moving from just an idiot to a jackass? Maybe he thought that, seeing as how he was a law student and hopefully well-versed in American law, well shit, he really didn't have much of case against Phelps? Maybe he thought that...

Really who cares? I don't. I don't care one way or the other why he decided not to press charges. But I do care that he didn't and I really think that means something. It means something when grandstanding and horse-play seem to get in the way off the betterment of the country. When personal politics trump national politics. When the jackasses of the world are bringing down the rest of us for their own good, to save their own ass.

It took Aquaman getting busted for bingers.

If not for Phelps, all we would have is steroids in baseball and assholes in government. In times like these, we'd be lost without idiots like that to laugh at, to make something out of. They're not bad guys or mean sons of bitches. Just regular dudes, just idiots.

Except the owner of the bong.

That guy is a complete jackass.

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