You can't blame the youth. Just the time change and the minty aftertaste.

Dear God, I love watching the Celtics. Rondo, Pierce, the mighty Ray Allen, Big Baby & the ferocious man-beast Perk. Yeah I miss KG and I don't think this year will be as ball-poppin as last year was, but shit it's a lot of fun.

Made it back to the hotel halfway through the 4th quarter of Game 5 against the Baby Bulls- a team I'd probably like if not for them playing the C's. So I hate them. Much like I hate LeBron & the Cavs, taxes, the Rays, and the few minutes before you really need Gold Bond and there's none to be had. But that's sports, it's why sports are great- because of the passion they incite. As Americans, how far are we from not caring about shit? We're becoming further and further removed from our peers, friends, enemies, families, and the rest of the population. Will we reach a point where sports are the only venue for passionate reactions we have left?

If so, will there be drinks served?

No mojitos please. I don't like them and they are probably the result for me ending up on my ass at a San Diego thai restaurant after some dude challenged me to a high-five contest. I didn't even know such a contest existed and I was just trying to show Ms. Marks how to rock a Top Gun high five. Nothing stopped me from breakdancing through the Gaslamp though, undeterred and unfettered until we found ourselves wondering why the hotel elevator only went to the 10th floor and we needed to get the 23rd. So we rode up and down, then changed elevators and did the same thing again. This continued for forever in drunk years until we realized that shit, we were in the wrong hotel.

Can't blame the time change for that one, dude.

You can blame mojitos, Jameson shots, pad thai maybe. But unfortunately, not the time change.

But you can blame the time change for Ryno being able to watch the Celtics tonight. So thanks time change. You're not such a cold-hearted asshole after all.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to venture back out onto the streets of now dark San Diego and hopefully find the kind of acceptable trouble that won't lead to either disorientated hotel adventures or sunny mornings with alien breath.

Go Celtics & thanks for making me care.

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