Maintaining at 2nd floor, rear.

It’s quiet on the backside of this building- my new building, less artsy and more trendy geographically and with trash day on Friday, not Monday. In the apartment as well, it’s quieter. Everything seems much more low key now.

The roof deck is gone.

As are the large, old windows and the solid white walls.

I can get out of bed on both sides now. One wall is exposed brick and my desk fits nicely in the cubby of the bay windows. I’m stealing your wireless network now, thank you much. The apartment went comcastic Thursday morning. The installer baffled us all and showed up at 9:02am for a “between 9 and 11” appointment. I offered him a bottle of water, but he was all set. I never refuse a bottle of water. Never. This dude was nuts. Why would you not take a free bottle of water? It’s water and it’s crazy hot outside and everyone should be properly hydrating themselves. I give Visiy Vest dude down at the plaza on Spring Garden change and tell him to buy water. He tells me that of course that’s what he’s going to do! Of course! Until we get to the point in this country where the government provides us with free Gatorade on hot days- anything over 90 degrees, free water is all we have.

I make good use of fans. The place has a nice airflow.

The lack of foot traffic means any beer I want to drink, I need to get myself out of the fridge. This isn’t a big deal by any means- the fridge is roughly 10 feet from the couch. But having always lived with people, everyone once in a while you can pull the ol’ “hey, can you grab me a beer on your way back?” At second floor rear, this isn’t the case. A small robot would be nice, but I feel I have enough shit running on batteries. No thank you on a cat and I’ll start thinking about a dog maybe this winter- seeing how the fall plays out and going from there. But no it really isn’t that hard, the fridge is right there. It’s just one of the things I noticed.

It might be the close proximity of the toilet to my bed, but shit I have to pee at night a lot now. Maybe because it’s so close to the bed?

Apparently I have a theme in the bathroom, or a color scheme. Tan and green. Shower curtain has palm trees on it and I picked up the matching hand towels. Then Erin picked out dark green bathroom rugs and told me it all matched. She’s a teacher and so I believe her. I think the mats are green. For the first few months I was at Green Street, I thought my room was brown, only to be told by Knalez that it was orange, maybe a burnt orange. I just thought it was brown.

Not a lot of counter space in the kitchen, but it’s cool because I’ve started stacking appliances over the fridge and mounting a surge protector to the wall. It’ll work. I suppose for when really cooking up a storm, I could bring a folding table home. But for now, I can make do with the space I have. It’s the color scheme in my life now, making do with the space I have, the money I have, the energy I have. It’s not surviving or sitting back on cruise control. It’s maintaining and it’s what needs to be done right now.

Until I get a gig on one of these death panels- nice, cushy government job, it’s all about maintaining back here, second floor rear, and if it’s not a problem, I’ll turn the music up just a tad bit louder.

Always got to turn it up a bit when Rustic comes on.

Go Sox, Go Phils, Burnsy’ Off Duty Ninjas.

Now goodbye heat wave- we’ll see you next summer and not a minute before.

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