Stuck, stuck, stuck...and BOOM...that just happened!

"Do you watch a lot of sunrises up here?" whoever this girl was asked me.

"Not really," I replied.

"Oh my god, why not? It must be amazing!"

So it might be, a sunrise up on the old roof deck, the most amazing thing I've yet to see in Philly, but the girl didn't seem to happy when I said that I got my fill of sunrises on the boats. I saw enough, saw some great ones. I would say that I saw enough sunrises over Casco Bay to pacify me for the rest of my life. Later this girl got upset. Again. This time though, it didn't involve sunrises. It involved stage fright.

Apparently this chick couldn't pee with D Rock and I talking about peeing in the shower while she was using the facilities.


But it wasn't talking to this gal, whoever she is, was, or may be, about sunrises that made me start thinking and it wasn't how much it sucked getting all the empties down Sunday afternoon, either. On an extreme level, I don't think it was Bistro and Q discussing olive oil and babies bottoms and I don't think it was these End of Days thunderstorms that have been ripping through Philly every couple of days.

Maybe it was the rain?

Or the heat?

Shit man I don't know. I think when you start reappraising everything in your life, it's nothing certain that sparks it. It comes suddenly on a Tuesday and by Wednesday, you're thinking about shucking away all your shit on EBay. Then about week later you're still stuck in the mud, just trying to figure out what exactly needs to happen to get the goddamn wheels in motion. But stuck, stuck, stuck in the mud and the heat's coming down like street toughs cruising down a dark alley. Dig deep, sleep in, go grocery shopping and will then things be a-okay?

Probably not.

It could easily be the birthday that's pressing down, coming in hot like a son of a bitch. You know what's awesome about turning 30?


You know what's awesome about cereal?


I don't have any cereal, but the birthday is coming up on me rather quickly and tick, tick- what do you mean I can't move in until next week? But I'm ready NOOOOOOOWWWW.

What day is it today?

It doesn't matter champ, because all of these little problems and issues will be here tomorrow and most likely the next day too. They'll be sitting around, taking up space on the couch for an indeterminate amount of time, but I'm not going to get into it- not going to dig that far down.

I got hardwood floors yo and some killer tract lighting.

What more could I ask for?

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