Outfoxed: one year down of Obama-time.

Coming into this week- there are only a few solid & concrete truths floating around the quiet offices of MSI Philly.

- Obama is not a failure, but also not the messiah or a socialist.
- Peyton Manning is amazing, but even if he wins the Superbowl he'll only have two Superbowl rings. Tom Brady has three.
- Octomom should spend less time working on her body and more time being a parent.

It is quiet. Yesterday the weather, proving once and for all that global warming is a left wing myth, was a salty 60 degrees and produced the kind of bucket o' rain onslaughts usually reserved for mid-August. I think the issue with global warming is not whether or not it's true, but it's lack of proper branding. Start with the name. No one is going to believe in a phenomenon called global warming if it's freezing and won't stop raining. Global upside shitty weather for the rest of our lives would be a much better and far better descriptive of a name. Hannity would have a hard time arguing against that and it's something Fox News America could probably better understand.

Something I don't understand is how members of the Bush Administration are seemingly being able to fade off into the sunset unscatthed. I don't get this. Even some of their smaller crimes are blatantly and fundamentally wrong. Yet Cheney is still roaming the wild, shooting old men and stealing sunlight and Karl Rove is now possibly even more influential, spitting out toxic waste on Fox News. Towards the end of the Bush presidency, my only consolation or warm feeling towards them was that eventually they'll get theirs and history will eventually judge them correctly.

But does that matter if no one is reading history? Does it matter if history is becoming less what really happened and more how we perceived it happening?

I'm worried about Democrats. They're becoming like the Washington Redskins- great on paper, but terrible on the field. Meanwhile the Republicans are like the Colts- steadfast, reliable and largely faceless, except for a few keys cogs. Why can't Democrats adapt? Why can't they realize that America is now a nation of bullet points, quick facts, fast action, and blunt rhetoric? I guess it's a deeper problem because Democrats argue ideals and ideas and principals and notions while Republicans argue beliefs and backbones and truths. Democrats came from Philosophy class, while Republicans came from Political Science class and the end result is a large rock arguing against a flimsy piece of 8x10 vanilla cardstock. But while in Paper, Rock, Scissors this might be a good thing, in this new, twisted and slightly sadistic version of American politics it's like digging into a thick, juicy steak with shit plastic silverware- completely useless.

I don't think Obama is a failure and it makes me mad that the people who so loudly proclaim him one are the same douche rockets who supported the mindless stump who created all the problems that Obama has faced and not surprisingly, failed to fix.

Pitchers & catchers report soon, but this winter can't be over soon enough.

Good luck next year, Obama.

Go Saints.

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