Awesome Upgrades = Awesome Ryno

I am not a technological dude. My Mom just learned how to program the VCR. I take after her. Recently though, I've made three fairly significant technological advances to my life and I really feel they've improved how the day to day Ryno going on's are going on.

First it was a $5 a month upgrade to HBO.

Then it was turning on the Genius playlist on my I-Phone.

And the third...I can't remember what that one was. Part of me feels it has something to do with cooking. I did get a new pan- a gift from Erin. But I wouldn't call that a high tech upgrade.

Oh, I know what it is. An electric toothbrush.

So...$5 a month HBO, Genius playlist and an electric toothbrush. Standing alone, they merely equal a little bit of happiness. But combined- well they haven't made me Iron Man, but they've made me pretty stoked and entertained...and stoked while being entertained and also minty fresh. So it's pretty awesome. They've made me a Happy Man.

The HBO came about because for once, I opened mail from Comcast. As a thank you for subscribing to Comcast, they offered me HBO for only 5 bones a month. I love thank you gifts. It's the reason why I get so many periodicals and my coffee table looks like they a table in a dentist waiting room. But with The Pacific and Treme both on, upgrading to HBO was a no-brainer- like getting the endless chips & salsa at El Camino Real. Plus I get to watch parts of The Dark Knight once a day. The Pacific is absolutely amazing. It's big tv, man. No war dreams yet- like when I originally watched Band of Brothers- no buddies blowing up in fox holes while I'm trying to sleep. That is always a good thing. Like $3 Tecates at El Camino Real.

Then I turned on the Genius playlist on my I-phone, which is essentially Pandora for your I-tunes, which ends up being I-awesome. You just pick a song and it quickly throws together a playlist of similar songs. Much like a genius would. Although, there is a Genius Bar at Apple stores, and those people are dorks. So I can only hope the Genius behind the Genius playlist is someone else. "Last War" by Brees Hammond and Zap Pow is a great start to a delightful reggae playlist.

Kim picked up an electric toothbrush last fall after visiting her dentist and she has had nothing but awesome things to say about it. I went to the dentist last month and while they didn't suggest one, they didn't say it was a bad idea either. So with an extra 8 bucks in my pocket a week or so back, I decided to pop into CVS and pick one up. The experience so far has been enlightening. After each brush, my mouth is lit up in minty freshness, as if my mouth had gone through a car wash that was spraying nothing but mint and freshness and the dudes wiping down the cars after were the glistens on my teeth. I love that toothbrush. Big said the other day, that he'd never met someone who enjoys brushing his teeth as much as I do. And that was BEFORE the electric toothbrush.

So these advancements in the Life of Ryno have had only positive effects on the day to day operations and shake ups & shake downs. It's fun to think of what upgrades I can take part in next and how they too might make for a better, faster, mintier, funkier Ryno.

Maybe an electric can opener or a fan that plays good sleeping music or a steamer to keep my clothes from being wrinkled.

The possibilities aren't endless, but they're awesome. And for now, that's good enough.

Go Celtics.

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