The simplicity of Aging while drinking coffee.

I will only drink my coffee black from here on out.

There will be no more compromising with sugars and various other flavorful powders that are laid out in glass shakers. No more milk or half and half. Maybe a little Jameson every once in a while if it's the holidays or someone Irish is in town.

But besides that- just straight up & simple.

I will drink my coffee, like I eat my hot dogs. As God intended.

The first year of my thirties are almost over and to date, I haven't made many of the bold and revolutionary proclamations that I'm assuming come with getting older. I was hoping that by now, I'd be relying on life experiences and anecdotal adventures to guide me towards success in later life. These are my cutting the fat years and this year- the first year, I've cut very little fat.

Wings are done, I quit those. I decided I don't like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I still watch it sometimes. So I don't think that counts. I also put the kibosh on Cinnamon Life, but only because I like it so much that I eat it too fast. I like to conserve cereal and I don't conserve Cinnamon Life. So that's on hold- at least until I'm to the point financially where I'm stable enough to waste money on cereal. Quitting chicken wings was easy though; I didn't need them in my life. Plus they were messy and I hate messy food. I will eat and I will clean. But I will not do both at the same time. So I don't eat ribs. And I don't eat chicken wings and I'll never eat lobster at a restaurant- unless it's in a roll. Up until last winter, I hadn't eaten Indian food because I thought you could only eat it with your hands, which was totally out of the question because that sounded incredibly messy. But you can eat it with a fork. And a knife.

So I eat Indian food. I love Indian food. Not in the summer, though.

Garlic nan has been one of the best additions to my life this year.

Another strong addition has been orange juice with pulp. Since moving in with the Ladyfriend, I've started drinking orange juice with some pulp in it and after years & years of drinking completely pulp-free orange juice, I may have converted. It doesn't really taste any different and Kim says it's good for you. She is right 100% of the time. I'm right 48% of the time. So hello pulp in my OJ. Meet the other newcomers- Indian food, Philly Pale Ale, and Pulled Pork sandwiches.

So maybe it's been less about cutting the fat this past year. Maybe that begins next year, after having one year of my thirties down. Having that year under my belt, I'll really be able to tackle adulthood head on without cumbersome distractions and a belly full of Indian food. It would make sense I never realized this until now. It seems like something that would hit me now, a few days shy of my birthday. If it had hit me earlier, I would have missed so much.

Last winter would have been almost too much without pulled pork sandwiches.

Really dodged a bullet there.

This coffee smells like delicious.

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