We will be in this together.

I have moved out of two places in one month.

First, I finally moved to Philadelphia and away from Regan Lane. It took four years of living down here for me to become a resident of this city. I had lived on Regan Lane for twenty-four years- yet in that time also living in Baltimore, Towson, a couple other joints in Portland, and as of this weekend, two apartments in Philadelphia. The last apartment was the swinging bachelor pad and my year of flying solo is over. I had never lived alone before and it was fun having my own place; the ability to walk around naked whenever, drink milk straight from the gallon and determine when and why to leave the toilet seat up or down...

The apartment had exposed brick and exposed mice, but was a good place to call home for a year. Only gun shots once or twice and the most annoying noise was the two dogs downstairs- mainly just the one dog. It went outside and barked. Constantly. And it's little buddy, as it was wandering around the small, l-shaped backyard, would look up every once in a while and bark too. Barking in stereo makes watching Sportscenter nearly impossible.

The dude downstairs, in the other apartment, listened to a lot Weezer, cleaned up the neighborhood, and was concerned about the heating units in the basement. I don't know any of the neighbors in the new place, except the dude upstairs who Kim calls Mr. Beats. It sounds like rolling thunder through a rolling sub when it's movie time.

Kim and I will have two swiffers. One for swiffering. One for complaining.

Kim and I will have happy memories this next year. Kim and I will have cereal bowls and plenty of pillows. Kim and I will have a lot of fun and we will watch lots of episodes of True Blood while eating animal crackers.

We will have stereos in both rooms.

A roof deck is back in my life and I'm pretty stoked about that. It will allow me a better spot to catch up on my mountain of periodicals that should be arriving to the new digs soon. If the heat wave is over, it's all the better. But for the deck I will brave the heat. Just like for Kim, I will brave It's Complicated.

It is the summer of moving on, another four year cycle comes to a close- the Great Philly Experiment moves into it's next stage- results are good up to this point so we can move on with our lives, move on from the lab coats and lab mice. Not sure what the theme of the next four years will be or if it will even be four years. Maybe it will be six or eight or some number I can't even think of. Like 47. But it will be with Kim. So whatever happens will happen with her.

And that's pretty damn awesome.

Especially in stereo.

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