Thunderdome Baseball Predictions with Dugan.

Today at the Thunderdome, Dugan was much more golden than he was retriever. We had found a good stick a few streets over and he had brought it with him. He grew attached; he wasn't much for letting go.

He isn't much for the Phillies' offense either, and had little to say about their current series with the Giants. We agreed that San Francisco does look like an amazing place that I'd like to go back too and he'd like to pay a visit too. I told him he probably wouldn't like flying and the drive would be a process. I think Dugan is resigned to stay on the East Coast for the rest of his life.

He would love that toll booths end once you cross the Mississippi. He is not a fan of toll collectors.

Last night, when I took the trash out, the air smelled like Halloween and the wind had leaves blowing up the street. Today it feels like fall. It feels like fall after summer- not just a taste of fall as summer winds up. Fall comes with crisp air and nights that require a hooded sweatshirt. Teaser fall days are just colder than summer. But today felt like a real fall day and at the Thunderdome, the wind blew through the chain link fence and sometimes pushed the stick in a different direction as it flew through the air. There were no distractions and the neighborhood was quiet. I saw a squirrel at one point, but Dugan did not. Therefore, we did not see a squirrel; only a stick that every two minutes would fly from one end of the Thunderdome to the other.

Dug feels that Phillies are missing a spark this year. I agree. You can't solely blame Rollins, but he definitely isn't the dude he was when the Phils won the Series in 2008 and no one on the Phillies has stepped up and assumed the roll of engine. Pitching isn't the concern now, Dugan believes. It's runs. The Giants, except for the game the other night, won't ever score more than four runs in a game. So if the Phillies can even casually hit the ball, they should be good. Dug thinks they win it in seven.

He is practical.

When we left the Thunderdome, I asked him if he wanted to bring the stick home with him. I put it in his mouth. Dogs look awesome when they're walking down the street with a stick hanging out of their mouth. But Dugan left it, he dropped it along side the court's entrance; not looking back once. Dugan is the Don Draper of dogs- he is moving forward and not holding on to anything for very long. He does not care for Old Fashions, though, and thinks smoking cigarettes is a gross, filthy habit.

Dugan is more of a beer-drinker.

Our goodbye was brief and I was soon back in the Corollacoaster, heading back into the city and giving the new Kings of Leon album another listen. I don't think they've sold out, I think they have just grown together as musicians. They're certainly different than when Mavo, Adam & I saw them in Boston and again at the State in Portland- but it's cool, people change. I'd have issues with drum machines or back ground singers- but there's nothing wrong with big choruses and summertime anthems. After listening to the album five times in the last few days, I'll say it's good- but not as defined as their past albums. The songs flow together and it's something that wasn't the case as much before. I am hard-pressed to say what my favorite song might be at this point.

The afternoon fall sun splashes hard hues of burnt orange across the bricks of the building next door. A self-imposed ban on the "Come Around Sundown" has been put in place for the rest of the day- TV on the Radio is playing now. Birthday parties and baseball games and haunted prisons tomorrow. Chili, red wine, and salad as November gets closer.

Dugan says Phils in seven, but offers no insight about what's after that.

Somethings you just have to find out for yourself.

Go Phillies.

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