Car Shades, Mix CD's, and only one stop for GAS!

Made it to Maine from Philly in six and a half hours yesterday. It was a pre-SUV style trip, where I only needed to make one pit stop for gas, which wasn't totally needed at that point, on the good side of Hartford.

The good side of Hartford? It's the side your destination is on- i.e. the northeast side if you're heading to Maine and the southwest side if you're heading south, whether it's Philly or Baltimore- like the good old days.

Mainly I listened to sports talk radio, finding the ESPN stations in the various markets I drove through. But when not listening to that I ran through the new Cee Lo album (kind of sounds like a potentially awesome Mayer Hawthorne album,) Vampire Weekend (a burned disc with both albums on it,) the Dan Auerbach & the Fast Five album, a Spearhead mix (to combat the increasingly cloudy and gloomy weather as I got further north,) Rogue Wave's "Permalight," and finally Local Natives as I got off the Interstate and headed into North Deering.

I thought about mix tapes, Phish, and realized the immense value of car shades.

Car Shades (noun)- a pair of spare sunglasses kept in a person's car.

Car shades saved my life, or at least made it infinitely easier yesterday. I had left my regular sunglasses up at the Honeymooners' house Sunday night after the Pats' game and for a second, thought I'd be okay without them. It was a cold, foggy, and gray morning in Philadelphia. But I had a whole week and a few different states ahead of me, so it would have been foolish to proceed without shaded eyes. Luckily! the Corollacoaster comes equipped with a pair of sunglasses that are nearly identical to my normal shades. Crisis averted, the trip can continue.

Of course as soon as I hit Jersey, the sun came out.

Thank God for car shades.

Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Let the good times, roll. And even better, let it be sunny.

Because I'm ready.

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