Tucked in, buckled in- ready to rumble.

It was not the absinthe.

Ken said it would give me weird dreams, but unfortunately I was wide awake during the Patriots' game on Sunday. Man that was terrible. At the bar in DC, people at our table kept telling me to relax, but I couldn't. There was a nimrod close to me standing at the bar in a peuk, orange sweater, talking all kinds of shit and saying the kind of infuriating statements that sounded worse and worse as the game progressed. With less that five minutes left and after praying briefly while going to the bathroom- I started wondering two things: if Kim would leave me if I lashed out and knocked orange sweater nimrod's head against the bar and how much bail would be.

When you're in the bathroom, asking God to help your team win- you need help.

I texted Obie. I might need bail money.

But we are moving on and I told Kim I'm devoting myself to world affairs. I will replace ESPN website updates with the Huffington Post and will replace Mike & Mike on my ride in to work with NPR. Did you hear about Tunisia? Shit, I don't even know where that is. What? Go Packers. Shit. Well, The Social Network was really good...

On a related note, what I listen to in the morning is only an issue because I'm a commuter now. Ah, grumble, grumble- insert complaint about traffic here. My new job is about 26.5 miles outside of Philadelphia- but it takes anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour to get to and from work. I don't mind. For now. But it's worth it. It was time for a change and I hung up my MSI ninja gear and replaced it with a tucked in, collared shirt and now only wear jeans on weekends. I'm such a grown up. I went to Wal Mart one day last week and bought a travel coffee mug- which was the hardest decision I've had to make this year. It's an Alladin and it might be green- kind of looks teal, and it's disturbingly hard to open.

That first sip always leave a trace of coffee on my nose.

I'm the youngest person here and my windows look out to the outside world- as opposed to looking out into a warehouse. There's a water cooler, but I've yet to have a conversation about The Sopranos. It was a big day last week when I learned how to use the black & white copier/printer. I now get excited about different things.

It's been a strange change, having spent the past three years so devoted and immersed in the world of MSI. No one here calls me Ryno and I've barely made any jokes. But I'm embracing the change, embracing being called Ryan. Luckily Kim's family has taken to calling me Ryno, so that is at least not going to change. I'm pretty sure her nephew will call me Uncle Ryno too, once he starts talking. So it really isn't going anywhere.

And while I don't know if I'm going anywhere, I know I'm going someplace different- even if that is literally just in a new direction. It was time for a change, time to mix things up. I had hoped to avoid making a move after another four year period, but what can you do? Your number is called, you must stand up and be recognized. Hard to say what the next year will bring, but as long as my shirts remain free of coffee stains and my jeans & hoodies are still there when the weekend comes- I think I'll be okay.

Now if I could only shake the Patriots' loss, I'd be ready to rock.

One day at a time, Ryno. One day at a time.

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