Random Ry-notes.

Random thoughts from a random Ryno...

There was an article in Wall Street Journal recently not about money, but about sports- specifically about talking about sports and how to some extent, it's become much more interesting than actually watching sports. There is a part of me that agrees with this. There is also a part of me that feels it's a shame. In addition, there is yet another part of me that is sickened by this. There is not a part of me that will continue to read the Wall Street Journal.

I think Albert Pujols will probably re-sign with the Cardinals. But more importantly, I think I don't really care about it until the season is over and even then, I probably still won't care unless he goes to one of the New York teams.

I saw a tweet- something along the lines of
there are few greater phrases in the English language better than "pitchers and catchers report." I couldn't agree more. It'd be in my top five of favorite phrases. My others? Well at least one would be Kim, I can't wait anymore. Will you marry me?

Who is Arcade Fire? Well, they're awesome. I just wish they had played "Ready to Start" first, so it wouldn't get cut off by the closing credits. But oh well.

I can't get down with bands with two drummers, though. But at least neither one was standing up at all. I definitely can't get down with that. Lars Ulrich, I'm talking to you.

My vote for Best Picture? Probably
The King's Speech. But I wouldn't be bummed if The Social Network won. Another vote I have is for biggest shaft and that is a tie between Inception for Best Picture and Leonardo DiCaprio for either Inception or Shutter Island.

The older I get, the more interested I am in the Grammys and the Oscars and the less interested I am in staying up past 10:30 on weeknights.

I'm a little concerned with teenage girls, stricken with the Bieber Fever, so nonchalantly throwing around death threats aimed towards Esperanza Spalding on the Twitter. Spalding by the way is pretty amazing. Here is a review I wrote in 2009 of a show of hers in lovely Camden, NJ.

Gaslight Anthem. Yes, they sound like a punk version of Bruce Springsteen. This is both a pro and a con.

Coffee = great hot, terrible cold. Gatorade = great cold, terrible hot.

I'm going to spend most of today thinking about eating one of the chocolate covered strawberries Kim made.

White place mats and I don't get along.

I think one of the most interesting questions in sports posed in the last month is
what if DeSean Jackson didn't return that punt versus the Giants.

Austin City Limits is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows on television. In the past month I've seen amazing performances by Pearl Jam, the Black Keys, and Band of Horses. Although the fact that I'm watching TV frequently at midnight on a Saturday makes me wonder if I'm getting old.

If you need me, I'll be day dreaming about flip flops.

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