Ryno for President...with Bullet Points.

I am not looking forward to the next Presidential election. Not one bit. The negativity, the dust-ups, the shots across the bow- I could do without all of it. I just want things fixed, want to feel good about our country currently and the direction in which it's going in. There is a part of me that feels bad for Obama and not it's because certain people don't think he was even born here. I feel bad that such a hopeful, promising dude came along at the wrong time. We needed a heavy, someone to throw the hammer down. Obama is just too damn like able. We need a real shithead for President- just for a few years.

That being said, I'm not behind voting for such a person in the next election because in general, I don't like those kinds of people. Of any kind. Like a lot of Americans, I want to like our President. I want to root for him and get behind him. No one can get behind an asshole, figuratively and literally.

Because my commute to work is largely spent doing these three things in this order: listening to the radio, thinking about random things, and driving- I started thinking the other day about what I would stand for, what issues I'd base a campaign on if I ran for President and because everyone needs a break during a rainy day filled with data entry- I present them now- with bullet points.

- No more ATM fees. I think Al Franken wrote a book a few years ago, about him running for President based solely on this platform. I will stand for other things, but getting rid of ATM fees will be included.

- Gay folks can marry. Why not? You love someone, then you should be able to marry them. I don't want to hear about protecting the sanctity of marriage when we have people working on their fourth or fifth marriage in some parts of the country. Love = marriage. Pretty simple.

- Legalize marijuana because it's a money maker and everyone knows it. It'll lead to jobs and new fun ways to tax people. Now opponents worry, because they think that at your next doctors' appointment, your nurse will be baked. Come on. That's ridiculous. You throw laws around similar to alcohol laws and we should be good.

- Everyone should have health insurance. I'm not saying you need ours and need to ditch your current health insurance. But if you don't have insurance, we have a nice health insurance available for you to use.

- Yes gas is expensive, but I don't think we should tap into our oil reserves. I could use a little more money right now, but I'm not going to pillage my pension. Gotta think smart and long term. I think it's crazy that our gas supply should be affected by other countries' bullshit. That's our bigger problem. Relying on other people stinks.

- I don't think we should become isolationist, but I do think we need to figure our shit out before trying to fix other countries.

- Our roads and bridges, especially on the east coast, need serious work. Let's get on that. Put some folks to work fixing them in the process. Jobs + Better Infrastructure = awesome.

- Trains seem like a great idea. Giddy up.

- Why can't I cancel a plane reservation? I can cancel everything else in my life except plane tickets and gym memberships. That's going to change.

- We should use football stadiums better. They seem like a giant waste of money and are really only used 8 times a year besides Toby Keith concerts. Not sure what can we use them for, but there has to be something we can do with them.

- There are too many vacant houses in US cities. Let's tear them down and build something there. Can't decide what building you want there? Well, we're going to make it a parking lot or a park. City should decide what goes where, but you need to get on that or we're making the decision for you.

- The NBA should get rid of 8 teams. Not sure if I'm able to do this, but I'm going to try.

- Wireless Internet should be more available. I like coffee shops and airports that offer it for free. Internet access should be free at all airports, train stations, etc.

- All cabs should accept credit cards.

- I'm giving cell phone providers 4 years to get their act together and eliminate drop calls or I'm eliminating cell phones and we all go back to land lines.

That's a start.

Giddy up. Vote Ryno.

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