Knowing Who I'm Not to Know Who I Am and Why Tucked in Polo's Aren't For Me...

It's decided. I am not someone who will tuck in a polo shirt.

Next up is a possible switch to an electric razor. But I am trying not to rush these life changing decisions. The last thing I want to do is cut myself shaving while untucking a polo shirt, so I will need to pace myself. I will need to think long and hard about these decisions. I will weigh facts and look at examples as ways to help form my opinions. These will not be rash decisions and if there will be anything rash, it will certainly not be from razor burn.

Let's start with the polo shirts. That decision came first.

I love polo shirts and I think in the summer, a man would be hard pressed to find a better way to cover the top half of their body. For years I've worn a great many polo shirts, mostly solid in color. A navy blue polo shirt was a mainstay in my wardrobe for years. It goes with anything- even for someone that is partially color blind who thinks that sometimes the shirt is black. The dark green polo shirt is a close second, followed by the light blue polo shirt. I have never worn a pink polo shirt and I have never popped my collar- at least not seriously.

Until yesterday, I had never tucked in a polo shirt either. Again, at least not seriously. But I'm a business casual dude now and with the weather at a balmy 75 degrees, yesterday seemed like a good day to test out the tucked in polo shirt as an option for days that don't start in Casual. I went with a dark green one and right from the get go, I didn't feel right. I didn't feel like myself. I certainly didn't feel like Ryno. At that point in my day I wasn't sure who I felt like, but it was early and I wanted to have an open mind about it. It took me over an hour to get to work and the whole time I thought about the tucked in polo, the way it fit, the way it looked and the ramifications for rocking such an outfit and of making such a change.

Barb's comments, albeit subtle ones, sealed the deal and all she did, after I told her that I was experimenting with the tucked in polo shirt, was ask if I had a cell phone holster on my belt now. That was it. That was the moment when I decided that the tucked in polo shirt was not my thing. I instantly wanted to untuck it but it was Monday. It was not Casual Friday. I was committed, just not happy. For the rest of the day I felt like someone who worked at Enterprise and I have friends that I love that work at Enterprise- but they are out numbered by the dorks I have encountered at various Enterprises on the Eastern seaboard and honestly, I just couldn't stomach looking like such a person. Today, I'm back to a long sleeve, buttoned-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up- back to feeling like myself and back to feeling comfortable. I will save the polo shirts for weekends and times when tucking them in is not necessary.

As for my shaving-related decision and the switch to an electric razor- this is a decision that has been a week or so in the making. It is a decision spurned by two over-riding factors.

1.) Razor blades are expensive. They are way more expensive than they should be and are expensive everywhere, regardless of where you shop. Somehow everything in the world is cheaper at Target and Wal-Mart except for razor blades, which for some reason, are the exact same price they are at grocery stores and CVS. Why? Are they that expensive to produce? Has no one ever revolted against these prices? Maybe that will be the next revolution fueled by Twitter and Facebook, but I can't wait.

2.) Business Casual Ryno needs to shave more than Hoodie and Jeans Ryno did. I shave at least three times a week now in an effort to look presentable, respectable and too my darling fiance, much more smooch-able. Now you can easily say that this shouldn't be an issue but I can easily say that I'm not a morning person and my mornings need to be as simple and straight forward as possible. Shaving is down right dangerous some mornings and takes enough time to screw up my travel plans every morning. Navigating traffic is tough business and every minute counts. Switching to an electric razor is a twofer (I love twofers)- as it is more cost effective and more time manageable.

These are not exciting life changes, they are just life changes and at my age, they are the changes I mull over during the weeks now. My commute is roughly an hour to work and at least hour from work and it leaves plenty of time and dull scenery to prompt such mundane, internal discussions. I can't say what next week will bring and what it will result in. I can only take one day at a time.

These are not rash decisions. Business Casual Ryno doesn't do rash decisions. At least not anymore.

And definitely not during the week. That would be irresponsible.

I drive a sensible sedan now. Responsible is my middle name.

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