Rainy Wednesday Quick Hits: Harry Potter, Pollen & the Happiness that Comes with a Wegwam's Card.

Working from home on rainy Wednesday- rocking the sleeve-less University of Wyoming t-shirt and thinking of some quick hits. The quick hits are in no particular order, have no particular meaning, and have no particular nutritional value.

I want to take umbrage with more things. I don’t want to be annoyed more or take offense to more things. I want to specifically take umbrage with things. Like for instance, I take umbrage with people knocking Cliff Lee because of his 2-5 record when the last run the Phillies’ scored when he was on the mound was the 2009 World Series.

How did we all just realize Pippa Middleton was hot? People have been following Kate Middleton’s every move for a couple years and we just realized how hot her older sister was?

Speaking of hot- Hermine gets hotter as Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows goes on. But somehow, it just feels weird saying that.

I miss the Celtics already. If not for Kim, I would have spent the hours following their game 5 loss to the Heat crying and in the fetal position, whimpering “too soon, too soon.” I do appreciate that Doc Rivers came out yesterday, knocking the timing of the Perkins’ trade, which too me, was the biggest injustice of the whole thing. If you’re all about today, why would you trade lunch today for dinner tomorrow?

Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice = great and fun to watch. Donald Trump everywhere else = asinine and pitiful to watch. As for Celebrity Apprentice, I’m putting all of my money on John Rich. I’m also waiting patiently for rock’s next super group featuring John Rich, Lil’ Jon and Meatloaf- Meat & the Johns.

I’d pay money to see Lt Jim Dangle on Celebrity Apprentice.

I don’t fault anyone for celebrating Osama Bin Laden’s death, I just don’t necessarily think it’s something I would have done. I don’t think we should bask in the glory of anyone’s death, but I also don’t think we should rain on anyone’s parade. One thing I believe is that you should never ruin anyone’s good fun.

I’ve been thinking about what things I believe in and how I’m at the age where I’m starting to foster beliefs. One thing that I think is very important and a quality that is key to success is knowing when to pick your spots. Knowing when to stop is another one.

In my next life, I want to be in a band like the Beastie Boys.

I mean really, all of the pictures taken of Kate Middleton and we really just realized Pippa is good looking?

I want to live in a world where coffee is consistently one thing- either good for us or bad for us. I also want to live in a world where those 5 Hour Energy drink commercials don’t exist.

Common is a vile rapper is like saying Sarah Palin is a reliable source of information.

If I could run one thing over with my Corollacoaster and mortally wound it, it’d be pollen. If I had a second choice, it would still be pollen.

I applied for a Wegman’s card. My life is complete.

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