Minimum Intensity Tuesday Quick Hits: polo shirts, the Wire & crab cake sandwiches.

Some thoughts for a Minimum Intensity Tuesday.

There are worst things in the world than wearing a tucked in polo shirt. However, there are few things better in the world than un-tucking said polo shirt.

I think driving in the rain is worse than driving in the snow, mainly because when it’s snowing, you simply just don’t drive. Few people cancel their plans because it’s raining and they don’t want to drive.

The idea of a Phillies versus Red Sox World Series is making me more nervous by the day.

David Simon has about a week left to get another season of the Wire out or Kim and I are going to have some serious time to fill.

My favorite seasons of the Wire in order: season 3, season 4, season 1, season 5, season 2. Season two gets a bad rap and I think it’s understandable. I feel that the best way to approach the Wire if it’s your first time through the series is to skip season two and then go back to it after 5. It works in the context of the series, but as a second season, it’s too jarring. You spend the first five episodes wondering where Avon is before you realize that the season might not include him that much. Season 5 is great, even with the whole serial killer angle being a little far-fetched. Season 5 makes me thankful I took journalism classes; it helps me understand half of the dialogue that takes place in the Sun newsroom.

This summer has been the summer of two things- the summer of the crab cake sandwich and the summer of SPF 50. I’m not messing around with either one and very serious about both.

Weird thing about crab cakes is that I love crab cake sandwiches, but I find crab cakes on their own kind of boring. I don’t mess around with crabs in a shell- too much work for too little meat. That’s a lobster-homer talking.

I can’t wait to watch and follow the Patriots this season. Although if the Eagles start out 0-3 or 1-2, Philly might get burned to the ground and that will surely affect my cable.

I’ve already broken one of my fantasy football rules for this season- keeping Tony Romo. If him and his stupid hats burn me, I’ll only have myself to blame.

Future Wife and I are going to see My Morning Jacket next week and I’m stoked. I can’t decide what song I want to hear the most- probably “Dancefloors,” but I do love “Holding on to Black Metal.”

I’m still on the fence with this season of True Blood, but because I’m in love and Curb Your Enthusiasm is on after it, I’ll stick with it. I just hope they stop emasculating the vampires soon and cool it on the Hallmark Porn that is Sookie and Eric’s relationship. Jessica is becoming the Hermine of True Blood. She is getting hotter as the series goes on.

I do think it will be the Phillies and Red Sox in the World Series- but I wouldn’t rule out the following teams: Rangers, Yankees and Brewers. If the Cardinals make the playoffs, I’d keep an eye on them too.

There are very few things better in the world than drinking beers on a dock in the summer. That is a fact that cannot be disputed.

I really want to see 30 Minutes or Less, but given the frequency I go to movies combined with how long it will probably be in theaters, the outlook does not look good. It’s just one of those things.

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