Monday Hot Shots: True Blood, the Phillies, Debt-Ceiling Blues and Tommy Football.

If we were to compare our relationship with a certain TV show with a relationship with a person, than my relationship with True Blood is on its last legs. What was once a fun, healthy- albeit mindless relationship has degenerated into an empty relationship based solely on looks. The clock is ticking.

I love that the Phillies traded for Hunter Pence, a player I’ve always liked since his first game. I even specifically remember talking about Pence with Joe Dykes back at Bay Lines and how we both liked him, even though it was initially because he rocked the high socks. But as the years have passed, I’ve appreciated Pence more and more. But he played for the Astros- so it was like being a fan of a soccer player who only plays for a small West African team. Thankfully the Phillies have made it their business over the past couple years of acquiring players I’ve always liked, but have never really had the opportunity to rout for- Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Pence. They even brought Pedro Martinez back, which was great because I never really liked him on the Mets.

Horrible Bosses was a great movie- funny, not too long, and perfectly casted. However, it was preceded by some of the worst previews I’ve ever seen in my life. How many movies can really start out with the premise- it was the greatest summer of their lives…? Oh and it’s a shark! But it’s a lake! But it’s a salt water lake! We’re doomed, but we’re pretty!

Day drinking gets harder, the older I get it. Actually pretty much anything involving drinking gets harder the older I get. That just doesn’t seem fair.

Kim and I finished season four of the Wire Saturday and even though I’ve seen that season probably four times now, it still gets me in the end. It also makes me believe so much stronger that it’s the greatest TV show ever. They don’t mess around, don’t hold anything back. They give you everything you could ask for. The Wire is the anti-Lost. Whereas Lost was full of questions with no answers, the Wire is situations that lead to questions that lead to reasoning that leads to answers and then lead to repercussions. And they do this for every character- no matter how or big or how small. It all matters. The Wire matters. I can’t wait to start season 5.

How do I tell a potential wedding DJ that I want A) them to play good fun music, B) don’t want them to sing along and C) want them not to be a douche without sounding over-bearing?

Go Karts are boring indoors.

Whole wheat pancakes taste just as good as regular pancakes.

I’ve tried my best to stay up to date with all this fun debt ceiling talk and I guess I’m happy that they’ve reached an agreement- wait, have they?, but honestly, who the hell elected these people? Sometimes I think that as a country, we’re not mature enough to handle a democracy. We had a good run, but maybe it’s time to hand over the reins.

The Patriots look good now, but given the past couple years- I can’t get really excited until the playoffs role around. For the last handful of years, Patriots’ seasons have been comparable to great movies with shitty endings. But I do love Tommy Football.

I’d like to name a dog Tommy Football. Hmm, might have to run that one up the flag pole.

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