This Just In: Today is Wednesday

This winter I am comfortable with one, maybe two, snow storms. If said snow storm could happen on like a Thursday or Friday, that would certainly be preferred. Snow is being predicted for tomorrow- maybe not in the lovely city of Philadelphia, but in those mysterious out-lying areas. It’s Wednesday and the weather today is weird.

Also on this Wednesday it is confirmed that the Black Keys are great. Reports had them being great before the release of their new album and being great after hearing the new album. But the general sentiment is that their greatness was indeed confirmed after their appearance on the Colbert Report. They rocked and seemed like good dudes. The good dude part is important given my simmering concerns that they’re on the verge of selling out and becoming the next Kings of Leon. But I discussed this yesterday. So today is Wednesday and the actions of Tuesday, for the most part, will not be repeated.

Update: leftover Chinese food for lunch.

I have to admit that I’m kind of, sort of loving all this hot stove talk- in both baseball and basketball. The NBA seems to be on the verge of an end of days like situation in terms of level of chaos. Free agency is about to start, but so are training camps so everything is going to get cracking fast and furious. I’m surprised by the degree of my indifference towards to Rondo trade rumors coming out of Boston. Chris Paul on the Celtics? That’d be awesome and Black Keys’ level great. Rondo traded for some jambroni? That would be terrible- terrible comparable to my Kings of Leon level of disappointment. What will happen with Jeff Green? I really want to like the dude but he makes me nervous. He doesn’t look comfortable. He should wear a headband. But Chris Paul is the real deal, even if he only stays for a year. I’m fine with that. Danny Ainge, I’m fine with that. The 2012 Celtics are only about this year only. Go all in.

The Miami Marlins sounds like a punch line of a bad joke and wasn’t that a team in Back to the Future II? I think it was and when it showed up in 2025, when Marty first arrived in the future, the digital news ticker said a team from Florida won the World Series. It would be crazy if that ended up happening. But you have to be kidding me. I’ve watched games in Florida and there is no one there. They are building a new stadium but once the new car smell is gone and people remember they’re in Florida, their attendance will be back down to double digits. So why would Albert Pujols sign there? Please tell me it’s not just about money. Is it really that worth it?

Newt. I keep thinking someone is messing with me.

This afternoon, we give El Camino by the Black Keys the car stereo test. Stand by for results. We will test undun by the Roots tomorrow.

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