Stone Rollin on a Moderately Sluggish Wednesday

20 Songs to start a Moderately Sluggish Wednesday:
1. "Tenderness"- Galactic
2. "Howlin’ for You"- the Black Keys
3. "How to Undress in Front of Your Husband"- Loverless
4. "Kampala Truth Work"- Max Tannone w/ Mos Def
5. "Ocean Breathes Salty"- Modest Mouse
6. "Music Man"- Paranoid Social Club
7. "Behind the Moon"- Matt Costa
8. "Turn Me On"- Big Boi
9. "I Changed My Mind"- Lyrics Born
10. "Love Gun"- Cee Lo Green
11. "Whispered Words"- Dan Auerbach
12. "Anytime"- My Morning Jacket
13. "Taylor"- Jack Johnson
14. "We Share the Same Skies"- the Cribs
15. "Promised Land"- Bruce Springsteen
16. "Black Thumbnail"- Kings of Leon
17. "Two Weeks"- Grizzly Bear
18. "East Jesus Nowhere"- Green Day
19. "Far Behind"- Eddie Veddar
20. "What’s the Altitude?"- Cut Chemist w/ Hymnal

5 Words/Phrases for a Moderately Sluggish Wednesday:
1. Coffee
2. Jamtastic
3. In-kind
4. Mood Technician
5. Palm Sunday

3 Thoughts for a Moderately Sluggish Wednesday:
1. 40 percent of the vote is a shitty result for having done 4 years of work in any state, let alone New Hampshire.
2. Someone needs to make a good movie about Billy the Kid and make it about his whole life, not just his years as an outlaw.
3. This could be a band name: Garbanzo & the Chick Peas, but that band might be terrible. Maybe a name like The Garbanzo Brothers would be better.

6 Sports Thoughts on a Moderately Sluggish Wednesday:
1. Patriots 34 Broncos 17
2. The 49ers will beat the Saints but it might include someone giving Drew Brees the wrong direction to the stadium.
3. I feel bad for Ryan Madsen. He was shooting for 4 years, 40 million bucks, but ended up with 1 year and 8.5 million from the Reds. The only thing that would get me back to Cincinnati would be a wedding, funeral or 8.5 million dollars.
4. I miss HBO’s Road to the Winter Classic mini-series already, but I’m looking forward to the next one about Freddie Roach, even though I could care less about boxing.
5. I wonder if I’ll have to explain to my kids whether or not wrestling is fake.
6. There are too many NBA games going on right now to keep track of. I picked the wrong year to try out fantasy basketball.

This peformance of "One Big Holiday" by My Morning Jacket is a great way to spend those few minutes on a conference call when you're not talking.

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