If you're so clever, then you should learn to be cool...

The Patriots, only twenty minutes ago, wrapped up their 5th AFC East title in 6 years with a close win over the Jaguars, led by 5'6" dynamo Maurice Jones-Drew. I celebrated by high-fiving Gram who was walking around the house looking at the Christmas decorations.
"High five, Gram!" I said. "The Patriots won!"
Gram laughed and raised her little hand.
"You are something else," she said as she continued on walking.
I then went out and took my parents' dog, Callie, out for a walk.
Callie doesn't walk. Callie trots, and trots back and forth across the street, making the absolute most of the lead she is allowed by the leash we use. She sniffs everything. Watching her, I thought that she could probably be a decent addition to the Patriots' recieving corp. They could use all the help they could get.

Watched Ocean's Eleven last night with my dad, and drank a bottle of red wine. I'll tell you this, that movie is cool. It's cool because it's full of cool people doing cool shit, saying cool things, and wearing cool clothes. Except for Matt Damon, whose character is the exception in regards to cool clothes.
The unapologetic coolness of the movie is why it's so awesome and so watchable. You can't help but watch it and think that it'd be cool to make a run at a casino, maybe even three. It'd be a lot of work, but the work would involve blowing shit up, talking to stripper's, loitering around casino's, and probably some boozing with Scott Caan, who looks like a fun dude to drink with. I mean shit, then you'd get to hang out with Brad Pitt (and ipso facto, Angelina Jolie, or in the sequel, Catherine Zeta-Jones,) drink classy mixed drinks poolside with Eliot Gould and Don Cheedle, and ultimately get to make Andy Garcia look like a jackass, which is suitable payback for his contribution to the Godfather III.
The sequel to Ocean's Eleven is okay, but it seems like the try to hard to be clever, which is a sure-fire way to come off as absent-minded and mildly over-worked. I've watched it twice maybe and still don't really know what happened. But either way, I'll probably watch it again. That's life. Coolness always wins over cleverness.
With that being said, it seems like George Clooney will then always be more popular than Kevin Smith.

I loved Clerks, but Dogma just isn't that much fun to watch. Sorry Kevin, them's the breaks.

And back to the Patriots, Tom Brady is Joe Montana-cool, but from a football perspective, maybe even cooler because he doesn't have Jerry Rice, John Taylor or Roger Craig around him. He has Reche Caldwell, Jabar Gaffney and one or two other dudes who I can't think of their names. Troy Brown is still around, but it seems like Brady overthrows him whenever he throws a ball his way.
Peyton Manning, though, is not cool. Peyton Manning is clever. He's smart and tall. He'll make all the right moves and calls, but when all is said and done, he still won't have a place at the cool table with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, and Jay Z. He'll have to settle for Kevin Smith, Cut Chemist, and Michael Moore, where instead of talking about banging supermodels and houses in Italy, they'll be talking about the new XMen movie and good places to live in Florida.

Coolness will always beat cleverness. It's why Bush beat Kerry (kind of,) Dwayne Wade lead the Heat to the NBA Championship, and The Departed was the best film of 2006. It's also why the U.S. won't win in Iraq anytime soon, a Democrat won't be President in 2008, and the Ravens or the Chargers will win the Superbowl over the Cowboys or the Saints.

With that being said, I'm going to have a glass of wine with my Gram, perhaps the coolest cat I know.

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