Dizzy Dean and Donovan McNabb sing these blues...

After almost two weeks of sleeping soundly, it's been back to business these past two nights. I can't sleep at all. I toss and turn, my bed- once the most comfortable bed in the whole world- feels like it's a desert plateau. There is no way to get comfortable.

So I read about the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals, the "Gashouse Gang," instead of sleeping.

Nearly every mention of Dizzy Dean prompts me to try and remember the name of that goddamn baseball game, the video game, I played when I was younger. Dizzy Dean was on it. I can't remember the name of it, only that I really enjoyed playing it.

Haven't seen the sunrise yet, and that's fine. But the deep middle of the night is a lonely time and frustrating when all you want to be is sleeping, resting up for tomorrow.

The Gashouse Gang was a rough bunch and came out out of nowhere to win the 1934 World Series over the Detroit Tigers. Their General Manager, this robust, Bible-thumper, Branch Rickey, was the one who started the whole idea of a farm system for baseball and the '34 Cardinals were a prime example of showcasing the goods of homegrown talent. It's a lot like baseball now, or most sports for that matter. It seems the formula is the same. Add a couple studs- number determined by the sport, 3 will do for basketball and then a couple well-placed stars work for baseball and football. But you surround these dudes by workers- just dirty dudes who love to play. It worked for the Patriots, Red Sox, this year's Phillies, the Celtics & the Pistons. It shows that these sports are more than just compiling superstars or banking the house on just one dude. It's the collective that wins.

So I'm reading that and not sure what I'm going to read next. I'm really not even sure what I'll do next as it seems like this lull period is leading up to something. But to what? Just some more bullshit or something legitimate? I don't know.

I just know that right now feels like an in-between, transition-period, but I'm not sure what I'm transitioning too. Maybe knowing that would ease some of the anxiety I have about my current situation. But probably not. I'd most likely then just stress about something else instead.

Not about the Eagles though. It does seem like McNabb's time is over, but it looks like the Eagles, much like myself, don't really know where they're headed. They just know that they have work to do- got to finish the season.

Philadelphia is really, really down on the Birds right now.

I'm really, really down on laziness right now.

The two aren't related, but they might be. It's too early and way too cold too tell.

Stay warm, see you tomorrow.

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