Goodbye deck.

History will ultimately be the judge, but as of right now, I think it's safe to say that from a social perspective especially, the Deck didn't fail me.

I failed the Deck.

The roof deck that provides the "gorgeous views" of Center City that drew Nailz and I in a couple summers ago.

It's social capacities were far too big, too endless, almost too overshadowing. The deck was on scholarship, the rest of us were paying full tuition. It was a fourth roommate, but the one who always got the shower first, but always paid rent last. If at all. Just gracing us with it's presence sometimes seemed enough for the rooftop deck over here on Green St and with moving day coming up, it's been important for me to spend as much time as possible up there. It's not just that my new place, while an upgrade in regards to hipness and convience to the workplace, doesn't have an outside area. It is so much more than that. If you have seen the roof deck you know. You know that being up there makes you feel like royalty of Philadelphia and leaving that, it is not easy.

It must be what Farrah Fawcett must have felt, leaving "Charlie's Angels" at the height of it's popularity.

Haven't really heard who the new tenants are, just that they're incoming August 15th and my ladies & I need to be out before then. I'm shooting for a second weekend of August move date, but don't get your gloves out yet. That is still tentative.

I did some inventory of my shit, but I intend to get topside at least once a day before I leave. It's important. I wrote half of my thesis up there, got involved in some heavy shit out there. The quiet times were great, the gatherings around the table were a continuation of college and I loved it for that. That changed when the dynamic changed, but that's life and I'm not going to get upset about change of locations screwing something up like deck personnel when it's managed to fubar up some shit for me so much worse.


Goodbye deck. I still don't think you're attached to anything and someday, maybe soon, the entire deck will just slide off the roof. From the door, it might look like the Titanic or it might just look like an old deck sliding off a roof. I can't predict the future, I can only lament the past.

Just shy of four years, but time to move on nonetheless.

See you next year, Uncertainty.

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