Ok California, just don't spend it on drugs.

My only hope for that $332, is that it goes to something useful in California and not just some off hand bullshit.

I still don't think I was going ninety, not even eighty, but because paying the fine was ultimately cheaper than attending my San Diego court date, they got their money. Those goddamn biker cops came out of nowhere.

It will be a big two weeks for Old Bay.

This Beam & Cola tastes delicious.

It's Monday and I'm shooting to cut back on assuming what the date is. I rarely know and I have to accept that, start checking a calendar when I make plans. Nothing major, but it just gets things turned on their side a little. Today is July...something in the teens, before the 15th. I miss Bay Lines' summers. Doubtful I'll have another job that was better in the summer. I know the weather has been god awful up there so far, maybe nice these past few days, but I'd rather be going down bay than doing anything else...where money is involved. If money wasn't involved, I'd be at the All Star game. I never took working on the boats for granted, did seem like I came close a few times though. But I always realized that life could be so much more shittier. Location is the key I think. Location is what can make a job a good one or a bad one. If it's a desirable location for you, you'll be happier, no matter what you're doing.

Hard to be bummed when the sun's out.

Bay Lines didn't hire any summer deckhands this summer, one of those weird little reminders that the economy really is bad. No little youngsters in their clunky steel toes, awkwardly chucking lines in every direction and forgetting to put sunscreen on. I do miss it. Summer in Maine from top to bottom is a great experience anyway, but having a job where you benefit from it is even better. I haven't gotten into the Jersey shore summer yet, but folks down this way really dig it. Driving down to Scotty's wedding, I felt almost like a shore-goer, as I passed other drivers, young people with clothes hanging from the hook in the back of their car- something nice to where on that one night out. I had my clothes for the wedding hanging up too. On the same hooks. But I think it'll take getting involved with a gal, one around here with ties to the shore, to get me there, to get me thinking of it in the way all of these people do, and in turn, how I do about Maine.

There's dark clouds rolling in and the ice cubes have almost melted. Could be the end of the week, could be the beginning- of one of the twelve months. But California has their money, the kids had their skate comp, and yeah, she's still going to be the number one.

Another drink sounds awesome.

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