October: we hardly knew ya.

I've spent the majority of the day looking for October.

It happened so fast and now it's almost gone. Where did it go? It's not in the bathroom or up on a rack or even in the bottom drawer of my desk.

It's just up & went.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. There aren't many landmark events in October and it's really only different than other months because the leaves are falling and we're turning over our sports calendars- transitioning from glorious summer sports to hard-hitting winter sports. In Philly, this transition is taking a little longer thanks to those Fightin' Phils and another trip to the World Series.

But even the Fightins have to be wondering what happened to this past month. Even the playoffs have gone by quickly. The poor Cardinals and Red Sox probably already forgot that they were a part of them. Is time moving faster because we're so much busier, such a faster moving society than we used to be? Before the Internet showed up, did time drag on slower than an ol' dirty blues song? Now we stomp along to the punk rock and the days fly by. We can't blame Obama for this because it was like this when W was president. For now, Obama will only be blamed for causing late-night traffic on our highways and making us think smoking is kind of cool.

The rain hasn't helped. It makes days run into each other. A long chain of rainy days doesn't come with the endless possibilities a string of sunny days do. There is no walking out your door and thinking that today- this beautiful, sun-filled day, will be downright amazing and chalk full of sun-drenched adventures. The only enjoyable movements on rainy days are rolling over in bed after looking out the window and realizing that shit, it's raining again. I wonder what it's like in the deep north country- where they get snow everyday? Do kids get excited because yesterday they made a snowman and today they're making a snowwoman?

You can't make shit out of rain except make me miserable.

It will be tough to find October. Sneaky and quick, it's an illusive target. It's like February, just a little fatter. With the time change next week, our hours of daylight will be even more limited and thus, the search will be that much harder.

So you win, October. Go on with your hiding and we'll start planning for November. Farmer's Almanac is calling for a cold winter, so we'll busy ourselves knitting and buying cans of soup. We don't need you, October. The World Series doesn't even end in October anymore! What good are you? We can do Halloween whenever, and some weirdos out there do. Zombie Proms? What? We have people dressing up like zombies frequently around here. If they can do it, we all can.

There's no Power Ranger Proms, though.

There are no win/win scenarios here. At a loss for words, at a loss in time. Gay marriage in Maine, hoops on TV, and an Interstate 95 World Series will keep us busy for the time being. October, go on with your hiding. Bring something to the table next year or we'll skip you all together!

Go Phils!

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