Moderately Maximum Intensity Tuesday Quick Hits: Tebow, Rick Perry & when to not be Barney Rubble

Boom! It’s a coffee-induced Maximum Intensity Tuesday. The Corrolacoaster is in the shop, getting some kinks worked out and I’m dipping out of the office at noon to save my sanity. The sun is out and it’s been a good day for tunes- Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, old school Red Hot Chili Peppers and now Pearl Jam. I won’t go far as to say life is incredible…but today…life is pretty okay.

In honor of a pretty okay Maximum Intensity Tuesday, here are some pretty okay random thoughts.

I have a couple simple rules when it comes to Halloween. 1) Don’t stress about a costume. 2.) Wear something that is comfortable 3.) Don’t wear a costume that you wouldn’t want to go to jail in. I almost learned the hard way when it comes to that last lesson and all I can say is that the last place you want to be when you’re dressed up as Barney Rubble is a Baltimore prison.

You can say a lot of things about Obama, but one thing I don’t think you can say is that he is weak on national defense. Osama? Dead. Khaddafi? Dead. Mubarack? In court. Iraq? Peacing out in time for Christmas. I think something that is important to remember is that Obama was left to clean up the international mess Bush created and I feel he’s doing a fairly decent job at it.

You know what’s a bummer? Trying to make a trade to shake up your fantasy team, getting a diehard Ravens’ fan to give up Ray Rice and then having Rice and the other player you picked up, Miles Austin, score a total of 5 points. That’s a bummer.

Not a bummer? It’s the Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam documentary that was just released. It made me instantly do two things: realize how much I love Pearl Jam and realize how much I miss being in a band. It’s such an awesome film and I’d recommend it to anyone- regardless if you like Pearl Jam or not. It’s simply a great story about a good old American rock band.

I know I’m sick of Michelle Bachmann when I don’t even care about the negative coverage anymore.

I’m not mad at Donald Trump for still yapping about Obama and his birth certificate. I’m mad at the lame ass reporters who keep asking Trump about Obama and his birth certificate.

It’s fun watching Rick Perry fall on his face. He carries himself like someone who is not accustomed to failure.

Anyone who says they are without a doubt convinced that the Rangers will win the World Series are without a doubt a moron. I just don’t think you can count the Cardinals out and even if you feel that the Rangers are going to win (and I think they will,) you can’t say so without feeling a little bit of buyer’s remorse. The Cardinals have been a resilient and good for almost two months now. That should count for something. On a side note- I hate how baseball teams have a couple different hats now. Multiple jerseys, well that’s one thing. But you should have only one hat if you’re a baseball team.

When describing my ideal quarterback, the fact that he is a nice guy is way, way, way down on the bottom of my list. The fact that it’s one of the first things people say about Tim Tebow is one of the main reasons why I can’t stand him.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck making a movie about Whitey Bulger written by Terrance Winter, the producer of the Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire, makes me the most excited I’ve been for a movie since the Dark Knight.

Back to Tim Tebow- he’ll be like the Wildcat offense- marginally successful for a couple weeks until defenses figure out how to stop him and then serving as a backup for the Eagles.

Going through a corn maze once seems like the appropriate amount of times to go through a corn maze until you have kids.

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