Occupy My Fantasy Football League

Welcome to Occupy My Fantasy League. We demand more waiver pickups and we demand willing trade partners. We demand to be able to start two quarterbacks if we want too- especially if one is Matthew Stafford If He Stays Healthy and the other is the Romocoaster. It’s time for our voice to be heard.

My three game win streak came to a halt this week with our lone league member who is currently occupying a foreign country squeaking out a win on the back of Ahmad Bradshaw and his three touchdowns. And now we’re getting into the time of the season when owners are tested and patience & faith are rewarded. Bye weeks are coming in fast and furious and with it, the tough decisions regarding the un-tough kickers and the cruel reality bestowed upon those not smart enough to pick up a back-up defense earlier in the season. Is Phil Dawson really that much worse than David Akers? Does it matter? We should not be forced to ask ourselves questions about kickers! Occupy My Fantasy League’s concerns are growing! Get me some poster board and some markers!

It seems that with every fantasy football season, there is a head-scratcher out there that can’t be explained. This year, for Burnsy’s Dumpster Fire, such a head-scratcher is centered on the nationally lambasted Patriots’ defense. It is supposedly the worst defense in the league and based on numbers, this claim is valid. My own eyes can attest to their lack of tackling prowess- but still, how are they putting up decent fantasy numbers (for a defense) every week? I drafted the Pats’ D because I believed the hype and was lost staring into Albert Haynesworth’s belly as if it were the sun. I was blinded. Subsequently I was ridiculed for the pick…specifically by one specific owner who I have previously reported “doesn’t believe in trades.” But I believed in the Pats’ D, for better or worse.

There is no doubt that they have seemed shaky and have so far, resorted back to their “bend but don’t break” philosophy. With every week, I grew more and more uncomfortable with them as my defense. But also, with every game played, I was provided with various reasons to keep them around. They were actually putting up decent points and more importantly, were outscoring any other defense that was loitering on the waiver wire. I was resolved to keep them around until they did themselves in, until they just couldn’t be trusted anymore, until they did the equivalent of borrowing my car and drunkenly crashing it. So far, that situation hasn’t happened. They just keep coming through- providing enough points to get me wins. So while the ESPN chorus of dorks continues to assail the porous Patriots’ defense, this lone rambler will continue to support them. I just won’t let them borrow my car or if I had pets, I wouldn’t ask them to pet sit. They just can’t be trusted that much.

Occupy My Fantasy League is not asking for donations and we will not be a burden to tax payers. We simply want to be heard. We are the percentage of folks with two stud quarterbacks and only one spot to play them. If Rush Limbaugh or Keith Olbermann asks- we also want more waiver pickups, something that should be our right as Americans.

Occupy My Fantasy League will continue to be defended by the Patriots’ defense and while you may think that’s crazy and to an extent, we agree- they are the horse we rode in on and will be the horse we ride out on. We firmly believe that you dance with the girl you brought and dance we will.

For now at least.

Occupy My Fantasy League. The revolution will not be televised. It will be on a I-Phone app.

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