Thursday Quick Hits: Red Sox, the Black Keys & Occupy Insert City Here.

It’s raining. I have thoughts. I have coffee.

Random Thought Run-Down Wednesday…oh wait, it's Thursday.

I hate what’s happening with my beloved Red Sox. I hate everything about everything that everyone is saying about everything. Jon Lester, I’m most disappointed in you- you the one who overcame cancer and looked to be on his way to becoming a genuine stud pitcher and here you are drinking beer and eating fried chicken. Come on man. And David Ortiz…you’re sick of the drama? Well you’re a veteran- you should have done something about it. As far as Theo goes, I understand why he’d want to leave. But there is a part of me that thinks it’s a little cheap. He built this team (whether or not he did it by himself is up for debate) and that team became a dumpster fire. Instead of sticking around to put out the fire, he’s bolting. I can’t support that. A man should always clean up the mess he makes.

Fantasy football update! I’ve won three games in a row but have lost twice in my attempt to trade Tony Romo. Kenny doesn’t believe in trades & Jeff backed out when it came to trading Miles Austin. At this point, I’m standing down. Side note- Darren Sproles is becoming my 2011 Jamal Charles- the player I’m the biggest fan of, but never actually see play.

New Black Keys’ album coming out in December! There are officially three bands out there today that make me want to buy their album as soon as it comes out: My Morning Jacket, the Roots and the Black Keys.

The idea of Republicans nominating an African-American for president sounds like a joke. A bad joke- but a joke nonetheless. And could we really have a president named Mitt? Mitt Romney sounds like a character on Madmen…one of the annoying ones.

Really…how many Republican debates do we need? The one this week was like an awkward introduction to journalism class. I watched for ten minutes and heard two questions based on a candidates’ statement followed by that candidate starting their response with a version of this: well what you said isn’t entirely true…

I have no problem with the Occupy Insert City Here movement. However, them (specifically the Occupy Philly movement) asking for donations of food, clothes, etc just doesn’t seem right to me. I mean, you don’t have to be there and you’re not homeless. If you’re cold, go inside. If you’re hungry eat. But I just don’t think they should be asking for donations.

Boardwalk Empire is one great episode away from becoming the best show on television. This season has been amazing so far.

I look forward to watching two shows every week: Parks and Recreation and Boardwalk Empire. I forget about one show a week, but get stoked a half hour before it’s on when I remember it’s on: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I watch one show each week that is increasingly become more because of it’s track record and less because of it’s current entertainment value: The Office.

Still very upset about the Red Sox.

I watched last week’s Patriots’ game with my dad- first time in a year or so. Hard to beat that.

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