Slow Moving Traffic, Fast Thinking Brain

It is roughly 26 miles from my office in West Norristown to our Queen Village apartment. Thanks to the lovely Schuylkill Expressway and it’s lack of smooth sailing, it usually takes me about an hour to get home from work and a little bit longer to get home. Some days the drive is shorter and some days it’s longer. I’ve given up trying to understand why and concentrated on more important things- like using the bathroom before I leave and deciding which podcast to listen to on the way home. However, there are sometimes when the drive defies all odds and reaches a point where if I wanted too, I could be in another state in the same amount of time it took me to commute to or from work.

Last night was one of those nights. I could have driven to Washington D.C. I spent almost three hours in the mighty and sensible Corollacoaster as in climate weather in Philadelphia seemed to make everyone think that driving above 10 miles an hour was a bad idea. It was brutal. It was boring. It was really, really hard because I had to pee.

The tough thing about sitting in traffic is keeping yourself occupied and the additionally tough thing about sitting in traffic at night is not falling asleep. I did fall asleep once in traffic, stuck amidst a standstill outside of Baltimore for two hours starting at a little before midnight at the end of what had already been a long day. I put the trusty MSI box truck in park and sat back- woken up a couple minutes later by the flashing blue lights of a passing police cruiser illuminating the truck’s cab. Being stuck in traffic stinks. Falling asleep in traffic stinks. Abruptly waking up from a little snooze in traffic is downright inhumane.

Sitting in traffic does lend itself to some quality thinking time, though- whether or not this is a good or bad thing is debatable. I’ve contemplated my entire life, rehashed past regrets, and written rock operas while sitting in traffic.

Last night my thoughts weren’t connected and were random and quick...

Those crazy kids on How I Met Your Mother would have much easier lives if they didn’t drink so much.

The first four songs on Paranoid Social Club’s latest album, Axis IV, are great. I would love them to do a video for Stick Up Kid.

I still can’t believe how season four of Madmen ended.

If Tim Tebow were smart, he’d take initiative and agree to become a running back.

I love how the Patriots’ defense is looking right now. But still, it’s all about the playoffs. It’s going to be really hard to swallow if they lose in their first game again this year.

Bad Teacher would be a better movie if the title were Bad Movie Starring a Very Hot Cameron Diaz. Then we’d have a better idea of what we were getting. It’s like how Funny People should really be called a Sad and Slightly Too Long Movie About Funny People Being Sad.

Not sure when I was as excited for a new album as I am for the new Black Keys’ album.

Got an IPhone 4 for $90. Boo yah.

My fantasy football team could easily be renamed Smoke & Mirrors, but I like Burnsy’s Dumpster Fire. So I’m keeping the name.

If three Thanksgivings can’t propel a person to start exercising, I’m not sure what can.

I’m pretty sure that if Fox News can downplay pepper spraying innocent and non-violent protestors, they would have had no problem dismissing the Nazis as ambitious patriots.

I should really always go to the bathroom before leaving the office.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too'll get hiccups.

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