The War on Donuts

Did you see? There’s donuts.

There are two types of people in the word: people who get excited about donuts and people who question the lifestyle and choices of those who get excited about donuts. There is something about donuts and their presence- especially if they’re free, that makes perfectly normal adults go giddy. They get excited. They come up to you if you’re not eating a donut and ask- did you get a donut? They want to know if you’ve seen the donuts, that you know where they are, that you know they’re available. If you don’t take one, you best have a damn good reason.

Did you get a donut?

Another morning and another string of crazy, edge of the Apocalypse comments by Rick Santorum. Did you know that global warming isn’t science science, but political science? And did you know woman belong at home and come on, can you really trust the Department of Education to raise and educate our children? It’s up to the parents to teach their kids. I don’t know when America existed in the way Santorum felt like it used to and I don’t know when it went off the rails. His statements aren’t funny anymore. They’re scary. He’s giving sweater vests a bad reputation.

Did he get a donut?

Midnight in Paris probably won’t win an Oscar, but maybe it should. It’s a really fun movie with a timeless message, great cast and an effortlessness to it that’s a welcome sight. It’s the anti-Avatar. Tough to say who was my favorite- Hemingway or Dali. Or maybe just Marion Cotillard.

She doesn’t want a donut?

Why does our President need to be an amazing and unwavering Catholic? I’m sure there are plenty of Jewish or Muslim folks who are great leaders. I don’t get that. And there’s not a war on religion in our country, just like there isn’t really a war between cupcakes or storage units. Our current world doesn’t really know what war is and I think that as a result, they throw the term “war” around to freely. Wars kill people. Wars ruin lives. There is no war on religion in our country. If anything, there is an assault on rational thought.

Mary brought in donuts.

Much like the way the Red Sox ended their season last year brought back familiar feelings of disappointment, the Celtics are bringing back familiar feelings of hopelessness. Well, at least we got a title and numerous great KG post-game interviews.

Does KG want a donut? There are still some glazed ones.


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