Top 7 Bands I would play drums for

Top 7 Bands/Performers I would love to play drums for:

This is based on a band/performer’s musical style, popularity, history, venues played, personal influence, and other random variables.

1. 311. 311 goes first because as I was just driving home from Erin’s and listening to 311’s From Chaos, I started thinking how I’d love to play drums for 311. That thought led me to think about the top 7 bands I would like to play for. 311 are a pick certainly because of musical style. They combine everything I love to play and the music just seems like it’d be a blast to play.
2. Rustic Overtones. Listening to Rustic back in high school made me want to be in a band and for a while, every band I imagined myself playing in was in some way or another, based on Rustic. The end of Rustic was disappointing, but it didn’t seem to deter any of the members, or in inhibit them in anyway. The music was great; big and fun. It always seemed like a band that it’d be a good time just being the drummer, hanging back and just kicking beats while all that music swirled around you…yes…swirled.
3. James Brown. I love kicking beats, staying tight. I’m not a big fan of fills and whatnot and for those reasons I think that playing behind Brown would be ideal. I was listening to his album In the Jungle Groove and the whole thing is deep, heavy beats throughout the entire album. From what I’ve heard about his live shows is that they seemed to have that same vibe. That sounds like something I could really get into.
4. Sublime. Like 311, this pick is largely based on musical style. But where Sublime differs from 311 is not so much the popularity, but the history of the band. The heroin use aside, Sublime has always seemed like it was a fun band to be in. I love wearing shorts and almost every picture I’ve seen of Sublime, they’re wearing shorts. That’s my kind of gig.
5. Jack Johnson. Playing drums for Jack wouldn’t be my ideal musical choice, but I could tolerate it. And the fact that my tour schedule would revolve around the good surf and would feature gigs and recording sessions in Hawaii would certainly help.
6a. The Roots. This pick is largely based on the fact that if I could trade places with
Roots’ drummer, Questlove, I would in a second.
6b. Jane’s Addiction. This pick is largely based on my secret desire to play steal
drums, surf, and hang out with Flea. I would’ve been cool to help start Lollapalooza too.
7. Phish. They almost didn’t make the cut. I don’t even really listen to Phish
anymore, and the other bands on this list have all sustained their popularity with me and my Ipod. But I can’t turn my back on Phish. I love 90% of their music and they played some pretty amazing shows that would have been crazy to be a part of. I can’t even fathom playing for 7 hours on an Indian reservation in Florida for 80,000 tripped out dreamers and wanderers to celebrate the Millennium. Sometimes I have a hard time trying to imagine myself even at that show. But that should be understandable.

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