Part 2: Boom! That water bottle is brilliant!

The new ad has been posted, modified slightly, accomplished little.


On other fronts, I think I have found an invention that’s amazingness and kick assness rival that of the I pod or even the adapter that new car stereos have- the AC jack. I think that is really something.

But you know what is even better than that? It’s this new water bottle Dugan has, a combination water bottle and doggie water bowl…in one! Walking for Dugan this time of year is tough business, real intense action that involves a good deal of panting and frequent stops in shady spots on the sidewalk. He’ll stop and wait, begrudgingly carrying on only when Erin starts to get too far away. Regular water bottles didn’t really work because you ended up wasting more water than you were using and you can only walk down Main St in Manayunk- where every other store has a bowl of water out front- so many times before you can’t remember if you’re sweating your ass off on a street corner or in the teen section of Abercrombie & Fitch.

Hi yo!

Count it.

Put that one in the bank- maybe in your pocket, save it for later.

So it’s a water bottle and it’s plastic- clear plastic, the kind that always looks a little bit dirty. At the end of the bottle, attached by a plastic, blue ring is a small, plastic dish. What you do is open up the bottle’s cap (yes, it’s also plastic,) water naturally pours into the bowl, and you pop the cap back on when you’re done. Then you can either lay the bottle/bowl on the ground or hold it in the air if you’re dog is tall.

Don’t you think that it’s a miracle machine?

What a great idea. And you don’t waste water, or much water. Dugan, for all his good intentions and qualities, is a slob. It’s not entirely his fault, as his head is huge and his paws are huge and his butt is huge. He’s just a big dude who knocks things over and slobbers like a city fire hydrant in the summer. Dugan is a dog, a little over a year old. He’s a golden retriever.

And he will pretty much rock your socks off.

And he will do so, being well hydrated because of his bad ass water bottle/bowl, the best invention of the century.

Sorry blue tooth.

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