part 1: where anxiety happens...

This is it.

This is the day after I realized that shit, I need a roommate and I need to get on that, get it taken care of and behind me, right quick. The process is daunting, the process makes me uneasy and the process makes me leave the living room in the 9th of the Sox game to walk into my room, put on the new My Morning Jacket album, and write this sentence.

Millions and millions of people look for roommates everyday- I'm sure this number is a worldwide count. There is the internet and you put something on there- something that says that you're looking, here's a few scant details, a lil' sumpin sumpin about myself and then here you go, an obligatory picture of the rooftop deck. Guy or girl I've lived with both. The majority of Ryno doesn't really care- just looking for someone quiet, chill, up for a good time, and down for keeping a kitchen clean. Allison says I should ask personality questions and tell them straight up that dude, I like to watch sports- or as she says, sports all the time, which I feel is just slightly less than accurate. It's baseball season.

But personality questions never even really occured to me. I haven't had much time to put any real thought to this, I just posted the internet joint on the internet- the one with the email- last week. I've since revised it three times.

The process.

Really, part of me really thinks that really this will ultimately be really easy. I really sometimes think that and part of me really believes that most of the time. But then, ah...this is a living environment. I've never lived with someone I don't know, except for college and even then I...well...that was kind of similar to this, but not really, but slightly kind of.


So that's the story. The story might have been the Red Sox game or this kick ass new My Morning Jacket or lower back pain and why it sucks so much when you're sleeping. But no, the story is that the roommate search is in kind of full swing, the train has left- chugging and thumbing and God knows what might come from it except over dramatic lines like God knows what might come from it. Right now the good news is mainly about auto save, but the big story is the roommate one. The big story matters, the details matter, cereal matters.

How do I explain that cereal matters to a potential roommate? Do you lead with that or wait until you've already covered dietary restrictions and toiletries storage?

I just don't know.

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