Part 3: Hmmm, so I guess your pet is moving out too...

Izzy's gone.

Knalez left too. She left with Izzy in his dog kennel- a dog kennel because Izzy happens to be a fairly verbose cat. I think it was yesterday, but really, it could have been the day before that.

So now it feels like Izzy is still here and to be honest, it's starting to weird me out a little bit.


I walk out of my room and for some reason, I've noticed I do this 87% of the time, I look to the right- towards the dining room. I do this because most mornings, Izzy would be there, waiting for someone else to feed him. But this isn't just a morning thing, it's a most of the day thing and a late night thing. But really it's now becoming just an annoying thing.

I walk into the bathroom and check the bathroom closet. I don't do this everytime and I've only done it a couple times since IzzaBomb rolled out.

I walk past the living room headed to the kitchen and expect to see Izzy on the couch or if I'm lucky, scratching his manly bits in the middle of the living room floor.

I walk past the living room headed to my room and look up to see if there's a paw hanging off the side of the platform at the top of the spiral stairs. Yes, I still do this quite a bit. I haven't been up to the deck since they left, but I imagine walking up there will be a little funny, most likely expecting to have to hurdle over the tubby bubble boy to get out the door.

Why am I telling you this?

You're probably thinking I should maybe get a hobby or something. Well I agree with you and am one step ahead of you.

No, I'm telling you this because I've realized that at this stage in my life, roommate's pets seem to have become almost important as the roommates themselves. Starting back in Baltimore, on dirty, dingy Maryland Avenue, Ben got Sampson and man, I loved that dog. We hung out, got close and this cycle seemed to repeat itself again and again. But it's cool dude. It's not weird. It's just another funky part of growing up that I think about when I get bummed out about one of the shitty parts of growing up.

So really, this whole thing isn't about cats, dogs, or any other animal.

It's really just about parking tickets, student loans, and credit card bills.

Whatever man.

The other day I rode the world's tallest and fastest rollercoaster.

It was in New Jersey and it was completely wicked awesome.


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