Pickup games.* those not cancelled due to rain

Crazy drivers on the road yesterday and I wasn't driving fast, as much as was just driving effectively. The Blazer though, seemed a little upset that Dad & I checked out a couple other cars this week. The fuel gauge had gotten a little weird, a shade inconsistent, and was now unreliable. The Blazer ain't much known for it's stupendous gas mileage and it seemed a tad suspicious that on the way up, I had used only a quarter of a tank upon approaching Hartford- having filled up when leaving Philly that morning.

So there was an issue with the gas gauge but it worked itself out and we made it to Philly at ten of four in the afternoon, with the first wave of rush hour traffic heading into the city from the burbs. Dugan was beside himself with excitement and coming from rainy Maine, the sun was goddamn amazing to see. Offload Erin & some freight and pressed on down bay, drop a few things off at the warehouse before heading on home for the day.

Boston area radio, when Erin & I were leaving and cruising down 95 south, was all about Toronto reliever Roy Halladay and whether or not the Sox should get him and if so, who do you give up? Leaving Manayunk and shreddin' down Kelly Drive, Philly radio was all about the same Roy Halladay of the Jays and if the Phils can get him and who do they give up to the get the "best pitcher in the game." Everyone else on talk radio seem to be changing their opinions about Michael Jackson and Steve McNair. I still just wish that the Jackson Memorial had included some of the funk dude, some of the nasty shit with the beats! I appreciate that it was a somber occasion and such, but...damn, it would have been cool and I'm very disappointed in Justin Timberlake because that dude should have been there. But besides that, it was...well I mean "Man in the Mirror" could have been a real tearjerker.

Back in Philly the forklift was charged back to life, but the Blazer's hood now wouldn't open. Again I was having to use a screwdriver to open something. Last week it was the driver's side door. That was awesome.

Life's awesome.


Last night I walked out of the warehouse as a dude was walking by, carefully prepping a dutch. I enjoyed a few good beers- not Coors Light, the beer of the weekend, on the deck listening to some of the music Joe Nixon Jr. had burned for me. Nick Mav style music which always makes me a little nervous. I imagine them all singing softly about sheep with soft guitars in the background and little tambourines ching ching chingin'. Sweaters and beards, but so far, it's been good music. New music at least, which is always somewhat entertaining, regardless of the final outcome. I tell you though, that new Green Day album is a real something and Ryno's saying they're starting to sound like a Who/Clash love child. It's real anthem music. Street Sweeper Social Club- that's a little rougher, maybe like hey angry block party sing-a-long rants, not the big bombastic swoops Green Day is chuckin' out song after song. But hey, we need options.

We need to make choices, pick a horse, run with it.

Then get your ducks in a row.

I feel right now I gots lotsa ducks that need puttin'. In rows, dude. But one thing at a time & I'm working on it. Always working on it. If you're not then you're just there- got to be working on something.

Gram's working on her tambourine skills, but so far, there is no word of any involvement in any kind of Indie Rock band.

Not yet anyway.

Confirmed however is a sunny sky with no rain, a productive Friday. Positive, even though I did hear a fella tell another fella to get off his back or he'll take a knife and gut yo ass. I think he also said something about slitting his throat, but dude, I was just riding my bike to work, trying to not get a car door to the shin again. It is the second time I've heard someone threaten to kill someone on the way to work. But the last one was this crazy woman behind a locked fence. She didn't how she got there.

But when I get out, I'm gonna kill that...

Good morning to you too you cute little pistachio nut berry!

Tough to be bummed when the sun's out. Don't get caught speeding in California and it's even easier. Just going to roll with it though. I'm taking on a closer's mentality, short term memory. I hope it works. But if it doesn't, there is one positive.

I wouldn't remember.

Baby, it's you.


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